About The Enchanted Dwelling

The Enchanted Dwelling started from a quest to find magical antique or salvaged architectural items for our house. We moved into a weird old house that had gone through many iterations and had not had much thought put into it as far as design goes. Many hours were spent searching for items that evoked a sense of magic and charm, but sadly items like this are hard to find. Because of this, I started creating the items I wanted to find. 

In our shop, we use reclaimed wood from barns and dwellings that are being taken down for whatever reasons. These pieces of wood are milled and shaped into what we need for our products. There are a number of reasons we use reclaimed wood. One reason is sustainability. No new trees have to be cut down to make these items. Also, since most of the buildings that our lumber comes from are 100+ years old, the lumber we get is more than likely going to be old-growth. Trees that are used now for modern lumber are usually grown in large forests and are relatively young when they are chopped down. The trees used to build these barns and buildings back in the early 20th century were normally cut locally and were very old trees, we're talking in some cases 300-400 years old. Now these kinds of practices are certainly not commonplace these days, which is good for many of reason that I won't bore you with here, but what we get from this reclaimed wood is strength, stability, and resistance to rot and termites.

A majority of our door hardware is also reclaimed or salvaged. Many hours are spent scouring the web and searching architectural salvage stores for sets that are complete and in good enough shape to install in a magical door such as these. I imagine there will be times when new hardware is used since there are so many great artists out there now doing wonderful things in terms of hardware.

If you see a design you like, but its not in the size or finish you need, please contact us as we are open for custom orders.

Thank you from the heart,

Ryan White